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A boutique management consulting firm with whom I am fairly familiar (Undercurrent) recently published their own expose of sorts on what it takes to get hired there.  Most of you who know me (or have read my posts previously) know that I am a big proponent of all facets of the hiring “game” and really enjoy people and companies who take the recruiting and hiring process seriously (from both sides – the candidate and the employer).  I especially appreciated a laundry list of light reads (and some heavier reads) which are great food for thought for anyone thinking about taking a leap in their industry, or one adjacent.  As they say:

This collection could provide enough fodder for a graduate dissertation. We don’t realistically expect anyone to be an expert on all of it; rather we see it as an intellectual rabbit hole to fall down and discover new ideas and insights.

Take a look at the article, which provides a great group.  They range from internal blog posts/musings/case studies from the Undercurrent staff to published books by famous writers.  One thing you will notice is that they are really a mixed bag from a date perspective.  Many are written within the last year or so, while a few others have stood the test of (recent) time.  Which makes sense – that the majority of recent trends and concepts need fresh thought and dialogue applied to them, while other concepts are more timeless.

Overall, I think the piece is a very good read and I’m largely impressed with a lot of the work Undercurrent publishes.  More to come as I reflect on some of these works with which I am not yet familiar!

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