Macy’s Fail

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I know I spoke about Delta’s fantastic customer service via Twitter recently, so I figured it only appropriate to bring up a recent case where customer service missed the mark.  Cue Macy’s.

I always look forward to the Cyber Monday, Friends & Family, any promotion really.  I’d like to consider myself a relatively savvy shopper.  I never pay full price in retail.  You shouldn’t either.  If you don’t realize that Banana Republic is 40% off every Wednesday, Jos A Bank is buy 1 get (insert some number >1) free every day, or that big box stores regularly price down pretty much everything, you’re not being a very mindful shopper.

That being said – it frustrates me to no extent that on a recent online shopping excursion to Macy’s, I wound up ordering two items which they claimed (after the fact) to no longer be in stock.  What frustrates me about this?

Let’s start with:

  • You have the ability to tell me (at the time of sale) if a product is in my size; how could that information prove wrong after the fact?
  • How awful are your supply chain practices that you can’t really tell me if my item can be sourced prior to my checkout (never mind the fact that I ordered 10 separate items that they had to split into four different shipments)
  • What do you think is so appropriately apologetic about giving me 20% off some other item?  I wanted the pants I ordered, not some other similar item
  • Why can’t you do something more personal to apologize for your transgression?

There is a lot more about this event that bothers me, but I had to get at least a portion of it off my chest while I was thinking about it.  Poor performance, Macy’s.  Poor performance.

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