Home Renovations


I’ve been preoccupied lately with (work and personal) travel, wedding planning, and home renovations. I decided the latter would be a good series to run here, mostly¬†so that I force myself to get back in the habit of documenting the journey we’ve been on. A few months back, we purchased our first home, and are really happy with the decision. We knew coming in, though, that there would be a boatload of things to do. Not because the (town)home was in bad shape (it was in fact in great condition)… But because we knew we would want to make it our own. And we were both used to living in one bedroom. As such, we were void of a mountain of things required to make a house a home.

So far, here are some of the things we’ve done or purchased in the last three months that I’ll try to document in greater detail in the coming weeks:

  • Replaced Kitchen Backsplash and Counters (with Subway Tile and Marble, respectively)
  • Painted Kitchen Cabinets
  • Painted Common Living Spaces and Bedrooms
  • Carpeted Downstairs Bedroom
  • Replaced Main Floor Fixtures (Ceiling Fan, Pendant Lights, Dining Room Chandelier)
  • Replaced Garbage Disposal and Instant Hot Water System
  • Purchased Farm Table (sourced locally from a boutique rural craftsman)
  • Purchased Couches, Coffee Table, and End Table
  • Purchased Leesa Bed
  • Purchased and Mounted TV Above Fireplace
  • Whitewashed Fireplace
  • Purchased and DIY-Styled Entertainment Console
  • Created and Installed Wine-Cork-Backed Dartboard
  • Re-Upholstered Barstools

The good news is, we did most of this at very reasonable rates. Which is the main reason I think documenting this will be so fun, and possibly a learning experience for others in similar positions. In retrospect, we are so happy with the things we’ve done, and are eager to do more. The HGTV aficionado¬†in us has helped guide us along the way, and even the most intimidating tasks actually proved to be rather simple (and only in some cases, a huge pain). Stay tuned for more!

Til Next Time,