The first (and most obvious) thing our house needed was PAINT. We were somewhat disgusted with the sheer volume and weight of the oranges, browns, and greens throughout the home. So we knew we wanted to go with something more contemporary to bring some light and air to the space. We opted to do the same color throughout common living spaces, and slightly darker shades in the bedroom and bathrooms. Our main color is one of the new “hot picks” for modern home painting/design. It is called “Repose Gray” from Sherwin Williams. We knew it would still play with the lighter colored floors, also given that we knew we would be doing some updating to the kitchen as well. We were so happy with our first “big decision” on the home improvement front. It really set the stage for future success all around.

One lesson learned though: definitely pay a professional to paint. Not only will they be able to buy the paint at wholesale prices, they’re just flat out better than you will ever be. We actually opted to paint the guest bedroom/bathroom upstairs ourselves because it ended up being almost $450 cheaper (we got a very good rate on the common areas + master bedroom, which made a “small bedroom” seem like a ripoff at that price). After investing around $150 in our own materials, and the better part of 1.5 days apiece, we decided that it would have not only been less stressful, but way more clean to just leave it to the pros… We still have a few touch-up areas we need to finish in that bedroom we painted ourselves, too. “One of these days” I suppose 🙂

Take a look and see how much of a difference the new paint makes, though!

Front Room 2
Before – an Invasion of Tuscan Oranges/Browns!
After – Much Better!

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