Home Improvement: “Before” Pictures

Before I add detail to the mountain of work we have done to clean our place up, I wanted to provide some context with a set of “before” pictures. Fortunately, our house was very clean upon move-in. Especially considering it was a townhome constructed in 2006. Most mid-2000’s townhomes were build with good-but-not-great materials, and start to show serious signs of wear 10 years in. Not ours, though! The pictures below were actually part of the original realty listing, and are very representative of the overall cleanliness we saw upon purchase and taking possession.

Without further adieu, the “before” shots:

Breakfast Nook
The Kitchen and Dining Area (stay tuned for major updates!)
Family Room
The Family Room (also stay tuned for major updates!)
Front Room 2
Front Room
Kitchen 1
Alternate Kitchen View
Master Bedroom 1
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom 2
Bonus Master Bedroom Nook (AKA – the “Woman Cave”)
Upstairs Bedroom
Upstairs Bedroom
Downstairs Bedroom
Downstairs Bedroom (AKA – the “Man Cave”)

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