Working Smart While Traveling

Quick note on working while traveling…

If you plan to work (or do personal activities) on devices while traveling, be sure to do the following to make sure you are being safe and not inviting your neighbors to eavesdrop on your personal data:
-reduce screen brightness
-angle devices away from those sitting next to you
-reduce volume on calls, webinars, or online training/videos
-wear a headset or earbuds to ensure you are the only one hearing your audio
-invest in a privacy screen for your laptop/devices that will make sure only those looking straight onto the screen can see it
-be aware of people all around you, not just those in your immediate proximity

I know I have said before that most times it does not matter what we are working on because nothing is hardly ever that “top secret”, but in some cases it is just a respectful thing to do and makes you less of a target in case you do run into a bad apple that it trying to poach or stalk on your information.

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