What To Expect?

Hey Team!

Before I get too far down the road sharing life’s lessons, reflecting on positive and negative experiences, and generally blabbering much more than I should on topics you may never care about – I figured it would be appropriate to set expectations on where I see this blog going in terms of content and ideas.

After brainstorming for some time, engaging a couple colleagues and friends, I have come up with a quick list of topics I hope to tackle in the coming months and years. It is your job to keep me honest and let me know if I’ve missed anything (or not gone deep enough) in certain areas.

Strawman Topics:

  • Interpersonal Behavior (Developing Executive Presence, Collaboration with Teammates, Leadership, Sucking Up, Dealing with Status Monkeys, etc)
  • Meeting/Communication Etiquette (Effective Meeting Facilitation/Techniques, How to Compose Great E-Mails, Presentations/Powerpoint Decks, Status Reporting Essentials, etc)
  • Company Processes (Internal HR, Red Tape Rodeo, Operations Management, Performance Management and Reviews Processes, etc)
  • Company Policies (Time and Expenses, Technology and Device Management, Paid Time Off, Leaves Of Absence, etc)
  • Company Politics (Ability to Schmooze, Laddering, Career Progression, Understanding Organizational Design, What-To-Do vs What-Not-To-Do, etc)
  • Compensation (Salary, Variable Compensation, Commissions, 401k/Roth IRA & Employer Match, Raises, Negotiations, etc)
  • Travel (Air, Car, Hotel, Mileage, Dining, Points Optimization, etc)
  • Clients (Types, Locations, Industries, Cultures, etc)
  • Tools/Competencies (Microsoft Office, Collaboration Tools, Project Management, etc)
  • Technology (Functional, Technical, Certifications, etc)

As always, feel free to chime in or sound off – I’d love to hear your feedback!

Til Next Time,

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