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Lately, I’ve been following way too many travel/points blogs, sites, and Instagram profiles. It has really made me wonder whether there is an opportunity to grow or expand the professional services that have¬†only moderately existed in this space over the course of time…

Think about it – if you’re a consultant or anyone with relatively decent writing, photography, design, (insert any other) skills – why not consult things you care about? Can you really tell me you have a vested interest in traveling to Columbus, Ohio to help some widget manufacturer figure out how to get a more accurate view of their inventory through supply chain best practices? Or would you probably prefer traveling to incredible vacation destinations to optimize service levels and improve the customer experience for global travel brands?

Yes, I know this is a bit of a stretch. But there has to be room to expand that arena, right? Travel and Leisure, Fodor’s, and the likes have certainly done a good job (and, similarly, have the budget to do so), but I think a few more positions should be opened to join and support the cause.

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