Tulum Hotel Review: Rosa del Viento

For the first three days we were in Tulum, we opted for a beachfront resort back in the more peaceful Coba Sur/Boca Paila district where a lot of the extremely pricey hotels are found. The name of our resort was Rosa del Viento.

Here’s the review:

  • Location: The location is tucked away at the Southern-most end of the traditional Boca Paila district. This means that it’s probably a solid 20-25 minute drive from 307 and the beaches exit when you near Tulum Centro. This isn’t altogether a bad thing, but you may be fooled into thinking a place like this is much closer/”walking distance” to a lot of restaurants and such – which isn’t really the case. But cabs to most places will run 50-70 Pesos (a couple bucks), so the seclusion actually is quite nice in this case.
  • Facilities: The facilities are top-notch and the resort is laid out on pristine sand. The beach area, loaded with tiki huts, cabanas, day beds, and hammocks, ensures you always have a spot to park yourself. The views (both out towards the ocean as well as back in towards the property) are incredible, and are even a bit better when you consider that this resort is fairly secluded, so you don’t feel like you’re spilling over into other neighboring resorts.
  • Amenities: There aren’t too many amenities here (it’s Tulum – you really wouldn’t want to waste your time watching TV anyway), although the resort does have a great collection of games and a huge lot of subscriptions to all sorts of international trashy gossip mags (a favorite of my significant other – let’s just say she was thrilled).
  • Staff: The staff are super friendly and accommodating. We actually had to extend our stay while we were there and the staff was very helpful in setting up our room that we had to switch to for the final night. Some of the bartenders and servers go out of their way to try and earn a solid tip (e.g. bringing you free tequila shots, etc), but not in a way that feels pushy.
  • Rooms: The rooms are great, and the fact that there was AC is a huge plus for me (about half the resorts in this specific area are more “eco-resorts” which means they only have a fan and generally do not have AC at all, let alone electricity for most of the day).
Stunning view back into the resort from the ocean

Incredible shot from the restaurants out onto the beach, with cabanas & daybeds

One of the many daybeds, not a bad place to relax and soak up some sun

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