Tulum Dining Review: Cetli

Cetli – a quiet, quaint find off the main road

We spent our last night in Tulum Centro (the actual town), and Cetli was another TIG recommendation we wanted to try. It didn’t knock our socks off, but the bar had been set so incredibly high by some of our prior meals that there was no way it could really live up to the hype. Not a fair fight (coincidentally, speaking of fights, the night we dined here was the same night as “the fight of the century” between Mayweather/Pacquiao – Mexico was going NUTS for this event; it was awesome to be there and witness the fandom and general enthusiasm for boxing).

Here’s the review:

  • Pros: Quaint atmosphere, reasonably priced
  • Cons: Limited menu selection, much more “authentic” Mexican cuisine (which – truth be told – isn’t totally my thing due to my indifference towards things like black beans)
  • Must Try: Anything with mole
  • Know Before You Go: You will be given some wonderful chef’s selection appetizers prior to the meal which will be a great way to start your dining experience
Gratis chef’s selection appetizer plate: assorted cheeses, breads, empanadas, and mushrooms

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