The Silicon Prairie (Kansas City)


As many of you know, I’m from Kansas City. Born and raised. I lived there my whole life up until the time I left for college. It’s a wonderful town with so much to offer.

So when I see it starting to get a lot of press as being the “Silicon Prairie”, naturally I am excited. But also cautiously optimistic because of what I hear from my friends who still live there and are active in the technology and venture capital space. I have a friend who is prominent in the startup scene, and it’s great to hear stories about how Kansas City is on the rapid incline. I have heard both good and bad things about KC becoming a major player in the space, and I firmly believe that (as with anything) there are certainly pros and cons to a relatively new player trying to race on to the scene and grow up in a hurry.

It is tough to argue that the cost of living and the quality of human capital available aren’t extremely competitive in the overall landscape of technology and corporate America, though. And, with continued advancements and investments from major companies (e.g. Google Fiber) – it may very well continue to rapidly expand into a major player on the technology/startup/venture scene. It will be fun to watch!

Take a look at this TechCrunch article describing the scene in Kansas City before you consider it just another “flyover state”. You might be surprised.

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