The Case For: Being Positive

A good friend of mine came to me with a logical idea the other day…  Spawning off my “Case Against” Rant Series into a “Case For” Rave Series.  He thought I may be coming off a bit too negative or contrary (me?  never!) and this would give me a good chance to come back with more of my ideas on how to improve things that I think need improving.  As this is a blog dedicated to my meanderings and “thought leadership” I am continuing to aggregate over time – I said why not!

So I present to you: the case for being positive!

As much as this blog may make me sound like a Negative Nancy, I really do try to see the positive in all that I do.  Especially in the workplace.  A few quick tips on what I do to exude positivity and remain calm/optimistic even in the face of the toughest adversity:

  • Smile.  Yes – this sounds easy – but it’s so easy to tell the people who hate their jobs simply by their facial tones.  Even if you don’t love what you do, the power of positivity and kindness is contagious and sometimes just smiling will put everyone in a better mood and make the situation a little less poke-my-eyes-out unbearable
  • Spend some time every day reflecting.  The more you can step back from a situation and think about something other than work, the more your work body will respond in the times you really need it to
  • Let the little stuff go.  Some people have an innate ability to make the smallest things seem like monumental issues.  Ignore them.  Or, at a minimum, confirm for yourself that it is not that big of a deal and make sure your peers and superiors know that you aren’t blatantly ignoring something to cover yourself
  • Make an effort to map out your colleague’s personalities.  Spoiler alert: we’re all different!  This will help you react more positively and appropriately when your colleagues encounter tough situations or times when their buttons/triggers are pushed (because they may very well react in a certain way that is in no way a slight to you, but as long as you can understand reactionary tendencies, it will help you be more calming and accepting)
  • Every time you feel like your blood is boiling or that you want to scream, find some quiet space and take a deep breath.  Not only will it help restore your heart rate, but it will also help you think more clearly and establish better perspective of the situation
  • Before you hit ‘send’ on any e-mail that could be taken the wrong way or has any element of bad news, RE-READ IT!  In most cases, it would behoove you to tone down your language or make your statements in less incendiary language; people prefer to deal with level-headed individuals and will be more receptive to your points

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