Snacks are awesome to have around the office.  Not only do they promote generally healthy eating habits (if chosen correctly); they can actually be a good source of energy to ensure you stay at peak performance all day long.  In fact, at any given time, if you check my cabinets in the office, you are likely to find at least a few of the following:

  • Dry Roasted Almonds/Peanuts (or any nuts/trail mix for that matter)
  • Beef Jerkey
  • Breakfast/Granola Bars (e.g. Kashi, Nature Valley, belVita)
  • Peanut Butter Crackers (guilty pleasure)
  • Chips (the “healthy” kind like the baked ones, right?)
  • Mints/Gum (I know, no nutritional snack value, but at least I’m not chatting away with foul breath)

BUT – that doesn’t mean there aren’t some common courtesy ground rules.  If you work near others (or ever see others), make sure it doesn’t stink the place up.  Make sure it’s not messy.  Obviously, make sure you clean up after yourself.  And – be careful about what should or shouldn’t be shared.

As long as you use a bit of common sense, I think snacks are awesome.  Almost as awesome as the word snack.

Til Next Time,


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