I have always been a believer in resolutions.  Looking at how I’ve approached my projects and assignments in the corporate world, I usually go into each new project with at least one or two things I resolve to do differently.  It could be something as simple as “doing a better job of documenting my accomplishments” to things more complex like “learning to better manage coworkers who have different collaboration styles”.  Either way, I think it is good to approach new situations with renewed spirit while keeping your eyes on the prize.

One caution though…  Make sure when you set goals or resolve to do things differently, that the stated objective (i.e. new behavior, added skill, altered approach) is attainable and realistic.  If you are setting yourself up to fail right out of the gate, it will do nothing but put a damper on your morale and ultimately have significant negative impact in the long run.  Nobody likes losing, and the moment you see that you are trailing on the scoreboard, that can psychologically create a scenario where you are racing to try and catch up or throwing Hail Mary’s to try and win the game.  And people that are operating under that umbrella or playing the catchup game are often cutting corners or not putting forward their best product.  If you’re a football fan, I am sure you’ve noticed how most of those plays end up.  Not well.  I’m not trying to say “Don’t reach for the stars”, but I think it is most fair to dream big while also giving yourself the shot at quick wins or more near-term success by carefully setting reasonable goals or making sound resolutions that can actually be achieved.

So – as we wrap up 2013 – what are you resolving to do differently personally or professionally?  Here is a light-hearted take on resolutions via Deadspin (CAUTION: beware of some rather foul language used for extra comedic effect though which is likely not safe for your work browsing unless you’re self-employed and roll like that) that I found rather humorous which may help you clear your mind and approach the activity with a bit more of an open mind.  And, whatever it is that you choose to do, best of luck!

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