Net Neutrality

I try to keep most things on the blog (and in life) void of any gross political charge.  And, in reality, I think this post follows suit. My doubters, though, may disagree.

Either way – I felt compelled to weigh in on net neutrality since that is an issue that has been so hotly contested this week.  It is also a topic that plays a big role in my company’s history and future.  In short – I think the President and his administration are way off base with their opinions and recommendations as it relates to net neutrality.


  • Making the internet another “utility” is degrading and unfair to the people who worked so hard to make it what it is today
  • The internet is fundamentally not a basic human right, and trying to enact legislation to commoditize it and make it freely available to everyone under the guise of “advancement opportunity” is anti-capitalistic at its core
  • Companies who have paid to build out the internet backbone should have the right to control their infrastructure and capitalize on their investment
  • As it relates to the “tax credit” argument (cable companies built out infrastructure largely based on tax credits, etc), these organizations continue to pay back the credits with competitive programs that support those who otherwise may be unable to afford the luxury
  • Innovation and job-creation will ultimately be handicapped if the president tries to thwart enterprise and suppress the opportunity to operate in a free-trade manner by over-legislating how the internet and the players in that space work

Do I think that perhaps we could take some proactive measures to ensure that the internet is further built out and continues to serve its customers as effectively as possible?  Yes.  Do I believe the government is the right agency to help police this?  Absolutely not.

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