Getting Fit

I know I have already harked a lot on dressing for success and outward appearance as a means to minimize your risk of people not taking you seriously – but felt compelled to kick off this Monday with a quick post about fitness.

Being fit and living a healthy lifestyle obviously has its health benefits.  But even more, the psychological and work-appearance benefits are huge as well.  It is my opinion that there is zero excuse not to be fit (or at least as fit as your body type allows for you to be).  It’s a shame when I see obese people being wheeled through the airport because they simply do not care enough to dig themselves out of the massive (pun intended) hole they have built for themselves by opting for fried chicken instead of the treadmill one (read: hundreds) too many times.

I understand there are many diseases and conditions (e.g. thyroid problems) which cause people to not be able to maintain normal weights.  And this post is in no way directed at those individuals.  It’s for the people who show up to the office bursting at the seams and in no way exude any sort of professional presence because they claim to “not have time” to get to the gym.  That answer has been and always will be BS to me.  Stop being lazy or reprioritize some of your existing agenda in order to get some sort of physical activity in 3 to 5 times a week.  Your nightly date with the “Family Guy” reruns on local television don’t count either.

For the rest of us that (at least try to) stay in shape – we need to be better about policing this throughout our work environment.  We should organize “Biggest Loser” competitions, support charities/fundraisers to fitness, and contact our healthcare providers to maximize the benefits we may have already with them through their wellness programs.  Or at a minimum, next time we work late and have to cater food in, let’s try not to choose the China Express Delivery option.  After all, we are all powerless over Kung Pao Chicken and Fried Rice…

Just my little rant to kick off the week 🙂

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