Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement has been a hot topic recently in many corners throughout Corporate America, and I think it is a wildly fascinating topic. Over the past decade, the radical shift towards a more “progressive” office culture has yielded many beneficial ways to spur engagement. Engagement is something that many organizations struggle with, and there is nothing worse for the corporate morale (or the bottom line) than a large faction of disengaged (or disgruntled) employees. But – there is no silver bullet. Everyone operates at their own pace, and is motivated by different things. Listening to employees, though, is the one way to be certain that the methods or tools you are using to engage your workforce are ways that are preferable to and resonate with your employees. It’s all about the “Voice of the Field”. Embrace it.

Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith published a great article on Forbes a few years back that gives her opinions and examples of times that Employee Engagement has been done well. I think it offers some good insight and provides food for thought for anyone struggling with the idea of engagement. Take a look; you may like what you find!

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