Change Management in a Box

A buddy turned me on to a “Branding in a Box” type Kickstarter Campaign which got me thinking… Is it time for me to develop Change Management in a Box?

I know I have used this site to express a lot of my opinions, reflections, lists of “Do’s & Dont’s”, and generally opine on the topic (most of the time, that is – when I’m not selfishly reflecting on other items I’m passionate about like Music and Entertainment), but I don’t know that I really have that much to say that isn’t overly obvious or common sense? But at the same time, I probably have a lot to say and at least moderate organization skills and the requisite writing skills to pull it off so it’s not just another boring e-book on the topic?

I’m sure I could re-package these words, throw in some splashy design (think Cards Against Humanity from a design/aesthetics standpoint), add a couple online elements, and be halfway there… ┬áBut would people really buy it? I guess if I keep my investment cost low, and price it competitively (yet where I still experience a profit per unit) – maybe there’s a market? We shall see; stay tuned!

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