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A couple weeks back, I was reading Yahoo Finance and one of the side stories caught my eye. It was a story about jobs where you can earn $100k. Now, I’ve always been intrigued by any resources like this story, sites like The Ladders,¬†or any job postings in this elusive income bracket – as it often amazes me how much (or how little) it can take to get to this basically irrelevant level. I call the level irrelevant as there is really no difference between $99k and $101k. Sure, your W-2 has 6 digits to the left of the pennies columns, but it’s not like that puts you into uncharted territory or into some new tax bracket. I guess it’s all psychological maybe?

Either way – I was a little frustrated with Yahoo (via US News & World Report) to have three of those jobs be ones that require significant graduate schooling (Physician, Dentist, Lawyer – duh). However, the other two jobs it mentioned are near and dear to me either because of past work I’ve done or the jobs of some of my most respected colleagues and friends. Those jobs are Marketing Manager and IT Manager. If I have said it before, I’ll say it again. Fields like these are on FIRE right now. And, in my opinion, the barriers to entry are fairly limited. So – if you have any opportunity to adjust your focus area or start to plan for the next phase of school, career, or life in general – please consider these areas!

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